Our why..

It wasn’t until I was in college that I realized that I had been more focused on receiving a scholarship than my actual career choices.

I hadn’t looked beyond the scholarship and pictured my future.

I didn’t even know what my options were. My scope of the world was so limited by all the things we couldn’t have because of our financial struggles that I couldn’t see beyond my situation. So I did the only thing I knew how: I went to college and continued to work hard and hoped that one day, a successful career would magically blossom amid the fruits of my labor.

I wish someone had made me see that I could aim as high as I wanted. To help me dream big and then turn those dreams into plans. I wish that I had someone cheering me on that I could relate to. Someone that would help me overcome my insecurities and my self-doubt.

Becoming a mom changed something in me. As I looked down on her angelic face and she opened her eyes for the first time, my entire purpose shifted. I promised myself I would be sure she knew a world without limits. I also suddenly became aware that she'd be watching me, looking up to me, following by my example. I wanted to make her proud.

There's nothing more uplifting than the sound of her sweet voice yelling "I did it!" with pure joy on her face. I hope to cheer her on her way to many many more victories.

The Why..

In my mid twenties I finally found the direction and encouragement I needed, when my supervisor took me under his wing as my mentor. I began excelling in my career, rising through the ranks at my corporate job. I realized what a difference it made to have someone in your corner and wished every woman had that kind of support and empowerment.

Despite all my success, I found myself struggling to find joy. When Mia was only two, I felt enormous amount of regret and remorse for not living life on my own terms. I was spending my time building and selling products that didn't align with my values of female empowerment and feeling guilty daily for not spending the quality time I craved  with my young daughter. I was consumed with work and losing sight of who I was, my passions, and my relationships. I had worked very hard and had an all-consuming career but I craved work that would provide meaning and purpose.

When I received news that my husband's best friends had been in a tragic accident, I was suddenly shaken by the reality that every day could be our last. I set out to live a life I could be proud of, that would inspire my daughter, and would allow me to refocus on the things that matter most.

I started a journey to pursue my passions, love intensely, and treat time like the valuable treasure it is. InspireMia was born as a passion project to create a world I'd want my daughter to grow up in. A world where women are inspired to follow their dreams, whatever they may be, live life passionately, and be supported and encouraged on their journeys.


At Inspiremia our mission is to spread positivity, encouragement, hope, and support for all women pursuing the BIG dreams and passions of their heart. All our products are meant to provide daily reminders of your inner strength and courage, to keep you focused on your goals, and encourage you and those around you to live out your purpose. There are no limits to what you're capable of.

We create and sell products in partnership with other women leaders and entrepreneurs. By supporting women entrepreneurs and telling the stories of these leaders and others, we hope to inspire future generations of women to find their voice, strength, and leadership.

Our vision is to create a community of women that support one another and share the stories of their journey and spread the message of encouragement to make an impact on their perspectives and lives.

Above all things, InspireMIA is about inspiring my daughter- Mía.

Above all things, It's about inspiring my daughter Mía .

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  • The inspiration behind your website is so incredible. It gives women of all ages a true purpose and sense of empowerment. I truly believe with the right support and leadership, us as women can inspire and encourage each other on our journey. Congratulations to you Diana, I wish you every success!

    Kishma Gautier Corriette

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