Today in HERstory.. Why we chose September 29th to launch InspireMia

On September 29th, 1988 Stacy Allison became the first American woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain at 29,028 feet. She later became a motivational speaker and authored books to inspire others to reach new heights. She gives back to her community as a Chair for the American Lung Association of Pacific Mountain Region's fundraiser, Climb for Clean Air, and volunteers for Medical Teams International, as well as has worked on Women Build projects for Habitat for Humanity.

Stacy speaks about her challenges on the mountains and what they have taught her. She reflects on her first attempt, “If you see yourself as trying to beat the mountain, eventually the mountain will win. You don’t conquer mountains, you cooperate with them.” She shares her stories to motivate and inspire others to reach their dreams and speaks about taking risks, leading teams, and valuing everyone's contributions. Check out this highlight reel to hear some of her message and her great accomplishments.

At InspireMia we celebrate women who, not only achieve admirable success, but also support and spread encouragement to others that are still on their journey. We want to help you conquer your Everest and encourage you on your climb. Inspired by her trek and her commitment to inspire others to go beyond the limits, we are launching InspireMia today! 

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